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Welfare & Benefits

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Welfare System

With a complete and fulfilling welfare system, Diptronics not only complies with the general requirements of the Labor Standards but surpass a number of welfare measures of the Labor Standards Law. Details are as shown below:

     1.Two-day weekend

      2.Labor, Health, and Group insurance, as well as pension funds ratio are  appliedlocal government regulations

      3.Lunch is free of charge

      4.Year-end bonuse plus 3 holiday cash gifts

      5.Extras: Birthday, Maternity, and Wedding cash gifts as well as Funeral &compensations

     6.Regular trips abroad

     7.Staff uniform is provided free of charge

     8.Seasonal outdoor activities

     9.A complete training program (internal, external, professional, and in-service training)

    10.Textbook grants

Above welfare and benefits are current and Diptronics is continuously planning more for its staff. We welcome you to join Diptronics's big family with a vision to create a brighter future.