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Diptronics Manufacturing Inc., founded in 1985, is a IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer specializing in DIP, Tact, Rotary, Slide, Detector, Multi-functional, Micro and Illuminated switch manufacturing. Five major production sites were established in China and one in Vietnam since 1993—Zhuhai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi,  Zhongshan, and Hanoi. With complete production lines, from raw materials to finished products including press, injection, plating, mold processing, LED bonding, and automatic machine assembling are integrated in house. Diptronics can therefore offer customers timely delivery with superior quality. Our switches are selling to more than 100 countries worldwide.  

Diptronics switches can be widely used in IOT applications, such as cloud device, smart home, automotive, white goods, health care products, industry, security telecommunication…, etc. Today, Diptronics switches account for about 60% of global notebook market switch demand. In line with market expectation, Diptronics is one of a few companies in the industry that has in-house assembly line for both LED bonding and LED switches.

Diptronics continues to focus on the switch business and commits to develop new technologies for smart phone, automotive and Illuminated switches. Our goal is to release a variety of switch products for our customers to fulfill the fast changing market demand.


Our Strengths

Core Competence 

*Integration : 6 Major Processes 

 Including press, injection, plating, mold processing, LED bonding, and automatic machine assembling are integrated in house. 

*Support customized production, various designs, and in time delivery with vertical integration.

*Professional development team for constant growth and different challenges. 

LED Switch Assembly Line

*LED and switch integrated with in-house LED assembly line.  

 Our Goal

To build a learning, challenging, and sharing environment to be one of the best component manufacturers in the world.  

  Diptronics Milestones  


Diptronics Manufacturing Inc. was established with dip switch production line.


Set up plastic injection   department, and begun self-made mold


Set up automated production   development department


Begun tact switch   production


Promoted 6S management: Seiri (clean out), Seiton(arrangement), Seiso(clean up), Seiketsu(cleaning), Shitsuke(habitude) and Safety.


Established Zhuhai factory in China


Set up precision   punching department


Attained ISO 9001/   ISO 14001 certification


Set up processing center in Zhuhai


Established sales office in Shanghai


Established Suzhou Acura Electronics Co., Ltd


Established JIT Logistics Company in Hong Kong


TS 16949 approved


Established Ganzhou factory in Jiangxi


Launched LED lamping process in Suzhou


Established a plating plant in Zhongshan


Established an office in Japan


Established an office in Korea


Established Vietnam factory near Hanoi


IATF 16949 approved


Established plating plant in Vietnam

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